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Thai Style Malay Fried Rice with Dried Shrimp (Nasi Goreng Malay) #2018

Thai Style Malay Fried Rice with Dried Shrimp (Nasi Goreng Malay) #2018

Lets get started, how to make / prepare thai style malay fried rice a very nice and delicious.

Step 1:- First of all we arrange the ingredients that must need for prepare our fried rice.


The initial Ingredients are:

  • Soya SouceThai Style Malay Fried Rice
  • Green Chili
  • #Vegetable (Cabbage, carrot, Spinach, Cavies)
  • #Onion
  • #Garlic
  • #Salt
  • #Egg
  • #Prawn / Shrimp (whatever you say)
  • #Oil


Step 2:- Now time to blend the Onion & Garlic. You can use blender or a wood pot (whatever you like) Put it in a pot.

Step 3:- Clean / Washing the Vegetable and cutting / Slicing it as it size (Slice it little bit for fast boiled) Okay.

Step 4:- Now time to fry the prawn / Shrimp like its would be a brown color (See the video Below)

Step 5:- Heat the oil in a pan. Oil is heated, reduce the temperature and adding the blended Onion and Garlic in it. Fry it until its color goes to brown. Okay. (See Video Below)

Step 6:- Now time to add some green Chili (As you need) and mix it with fried onion and garlic. Mix it well. Always carefully do this.

Step 7:- You have the cauliflower. Mix it with the Spice and keep it sometime around 4-5 minutes.  Cauliflower get time to boiled. Its very need, because its increase the taste the rice to eat yummy. ( See Video Below)

Step 8:- We use 4 (four) eggs to make the rice more delicious. You should use eggs as the member you prepare for. We prepare for 3 members family. The eggs mix with it. You shouldn’t take too much time to mix the egg, because if the eggs goes more fry and get hard it hard to mix with the vegetable. (See Video Below)

Step 9:- You have the mix vegetable (Cabbage, Spinach, Carrot and cavies). Now add all the mix vegetable and mix it carefully. Cover it around 5 minutes for boiled or sodden it. (sodden vegetable is good for health) See Video.

Step 10:- After boiled the vegetable now add the Rice you have before cooked. Try to use cold rice (Not fridge rice). As your measurement. Its depend on your family members. Wait around 3 minutes about to mix the rice well with the spice. (See Video Below)

You can adding some Soya Sauce in it to make it more delicious. Or use any sauce. If you have no sauce not a big problem. Hope you complete this 10 step easily.

Now look at the rice its look great and yummy. You can done all the rules and now decorate the plate for surf. (See Video Below) we decorate with cucumber, Tomato, Fry Shrimp and add some Tomato Chili Sauce upon it. (see video Below)


Hope you follow all the step and it just take 4-5 minutes around to make a delicious Malay Fried Rice.

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This same recipe is called many names in various country. In Thailand its called, “Thai Fried Rice” In malaysia its called “Malay Fried Rice” or “Nasi Goreng Kampung” and many more.

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