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Santa Crafts To Make This Christmas 2017

21 Santa Crafts to Make This Christmas 2017


My  girl friend has been anxious to start decorating the house for Christmas. I normally wait till December 1 before decorating the Christmas tree and the rest of the house. My mom decorated her tree this past weekend with Bridget so hopefully that holds her off till the big day! She sure is excited about it.

We’ve already started some of the prep work though! This weekend we went to Michael’s and picked up a per-lit Christmas tree. Our old tree bit the dust in the move to Ontario and we got this new tree for a great price -over half off! I’ve also started doing some Christmas crafts. I made my own decorative balls to hang on the tree. It was super easy to do and I’ll have a post coming up shortly about them!

Brittany recently shared a Silhouette tutorial on how to make a Santa Gift Bag. It is adorable! Her post inspired me to find more Santa crafts from around the web. I’ve got a list of 21 Santa crafts to make this Christmas. Now to decide on which one to make first!

  1. DIY Santa Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar
  2. DIY Santa Cakes
  3. Origami Santa
  4. Amigurumi Santa Snowman Ornaments
  5. Hand Santa-Tizers
  6. Santa Belt Snowflakes Gift Wrap
  7. Christmas Masks
  8. Santa Wreath
  9. DIY Santa Beard
  10. Santa and His mini Elfus Crochet
  11. Paper Plate Santa
  12. Stained Santa Votives
  13. Santa Sippers
  14. Santa Pipe Cleaners
  15. Personalize DIY Holiday Mugs
  16. Handprint Santa Ornaments
  17. Glitter Santa Claus Ornament
  18. Mini Santa Claus
  19. Santa Suit Hand Towels
  20. Santa Hat Chair Covers
  21. Free Felt Santa Patterns


Which Santa craft is your favorite? Let us know which on you like. Our next tutorial will start to making the tutorial easily for you with cheap way.

When you read this article, you may watch our Santa Claus video here, Hope you enjoy IT.

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