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How to make a realistic and easy paper roses (Giant Paper Roses) Rose Paper Tutorial #2018

How to make realistic and easy paper roses | Giant Paper Roses | Rose Paper Tutorial

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#Rose is the most appeal-able flower in world. You express your #love by giving a Rose. Rose have many colors. Red, Green, White, Blue and more. Some #roses are so very big. This is looking very nice. Besides, you #decorate your desk with rose. Making a beautiful rose is very easy. We show you how to make a rose easily in 5 minutes. Hope you like our videos #tutorial.


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🌱 How to make #Paper #Rose #Flower easily. Real Rose. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6z41…

🌱 This is another Daisy Flower. Best View. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdJMP…

You need some initials elements like #Paper, #Glue, #Scissor what you have in your home generally. But if you haven’t you can buy it from amazon. We provide the link for best one.


By the way, Roses are also a common flower for every #occasion. Like #Mother‘s Love. You give gift to you mother on mother’s day. #Father‘s day. To give your friends #Birthday, any #ceremony. And mostly give your Girl friend to make more closure. hehe. You get many ways to use Roses flower. Now don’t wait for it. Keep watching this video and start to making this now at home.

Hope your #mom, dad, friend also very happy to getting this from you. And the happiness will be increase because you made it by you. #Interesting right? This paper rose look like 95% of real rose. At the first time, or from a few far away no one can not understand that is it real or paper make. I guaranty you, without touching this roses everyone seems its #realistic #Rose #Flower.

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