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How To Make Handmade Bumble Bee Paper Craft For Kid HD

How To Make Handmade Bumble Bee Paper Craft For Kid HD Toilet Paper Bumble Bee

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Bee who doesn’t like? But Someone have frighten it for their dangerous bite. Hehehehe 😀  by the way bee is so much beautiful little animal in nature. Its a super best creation of GOD.

Honey what is the best powerful medicine in the world we get from bee. They are very industrious. In everywhere you can find bee’s and honey. That is very good for our health. Now a days some of company starting to cultivating bee’s. So we all drink honey to make our body healthy.

Today I show you a video how to make bee using paper. This is handmade paper craft bee. We make this tutorial because your kids will like it. Kids like paper craft very much. So our intend is for kids craft. They learn it for their school. Beside anyone can learn it for decorating their home. Guest room, or reading room. You can also hanging the bee front of your door to look great.

This bee are also called bumble bee. Our next video will come how to make bumble bees nest.

By the way. Now I describe you how to make a beautiful handmade bee using paper. We use 2 color paper.

  • Yellow Paper
  • Black Paper
  • Glue
  • Black Pen (Marker)

How to make handmade bumble bee in 6 step:

  1. You need to cut a yellow paper and rolling it like a toilet paper.
  2. Then using the stripe black paper and attaching it with the rolling yellow paper using glue. ( See The Video)
  3. Then take a marker and draw a happy face for your bee. (See Video How To Draw Face)
  4. Attaching it to the paper in upside.
  5. Cutting a little piece of paper and attaching behind the faces.
  6. Almost done. Now again revise all and your nice handmade paper bee are ready.

For better making the bee please watch the video again. Hope this video can help you very soon. This is super easy task to making it like real bee. Lets get scroll below and watching the Handmade Bumble Bee in only 6 minutes.

Hope you all guys enjoy the video. We are new growing our channel. Help us to share the video to you friends.

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