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how to be a good cook in a #Kitchen (2018) From YouTube channel


Today I again come here to sharing my some little bit knowledge to help you a bit more. In this world, there have more people who finish their lunch or dinner from #Restaurant.

All the time you can not get the proper food from restaurant, because its business and not a customer satisfaction. Although there have some other issue. Not all the restaurant is not same. But most of the time you can not pay a high value to take their service.

There have also another thought that’s why I want to going to make a food channel. Because only in India there have most and most of the people like to eat, and now a days cooking food is very hard for them. In the rural area, you can not get the problem, but in the town area 70% women can not cook food in the kitchen. According to google search, I find some easy and less time need food, that you make with very easy.

Our youtube channel shows you, How to prepare a dish for your family easily (Step by Step) One things we can guaranty you to that, you must learning something even you watch a 1 video from us.

We are new, and our first (1st) video will be lunch tomorrow. Get it here If everything is well going on, the you are the 1st person to watching our first video on our channel.

Hopefully you subscribe our channel. What benefit, You never miss a single video what you publish to our youtube channel. Yes, please click on subscribe button , then click on the bell button. So that every video we upload that goes to a notification on your mobile phone.


So, here is my cooking food channel link Linas Food Kitchen every video we share some kitchen element that we used when cooking, or best kitchen appliance we try to review for you. Hope you enjoy our channel, and we always try to keeping our channel more informative. If you have any suggestion, please comment us or if you have any idea share with us. We will try to implement this on our channel.

Happy Cooking.

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