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Fathers Day Card | Happy Fathers Day Greetings | Fathers Day Wishes #Linascraftclub

Fathers Day Card | Happy Fathers Day Greetings | Fathers Day Wishes 2018



How to make Fathers day greeting card. Today I come back again with a new fathers day card. You will be see that, its have a black card with red and white design. Beside inside the card its have a very nice greetings “I LOVE YOU DAD” I know every child love their father. Not only father but also their mother too. Last month mothers day was gone. Not this month fathers day come.

We want to wish all the fathers this day a very happy fathers day. We thinking many categories to wish our father. But I want to discuss one things that is card. I know card is the most and more uses whole world. In every occasion you get card, and give card to your dear one. So, I also make a fathers day greeting card for you to wish you father.

This card is made for kids also. Because its not very complex. Simple and attractive card. A 4 years baby can make this card very easily. Talking many more. ๐Ÿ™‚


Lets start How to make this card step by step:

  1. Everything I show on the videos very clearly and easily. If you already watch the video then you no need to read this article. If you are not watch, I highly recommend you to watch the video first to end.
  2. I hope you watched it. But now I describe you how to manually making it. Take A5 size hard paper (Black we use)
  3. Using 4 Bottam. A little size red paper piece. White paper.
  4. Now attaching all the paper with black card using glue.
  5. Write the greetings “I LOVE YOU DAD” inside the card. When it flip the front cover its shows the greeting message.
  6. All done, have fun. Your card is now ready.


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  1. Nice look, but disappointing in person. Poor packaging for gift-giving, lackluster presentation.

  2. i got the peacock drusy, and it looks just like it did on tv and on the computer. thank you

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